November 25, 2021

RTE 1 hour agoIt’s no secret that the digital divide has widened, and with it the gap between the poor and the wealthy.

A high-cost, high speed internet access can mean the difference between an internet cafe and a bank branch.

And the stigma of being poor in the digital age means that if you are poor, you will likely struggle to get connected to a decent service.

RTE 2 hours agoWe know that the average age of access to high-frequency broadband in the UK is around 35 years old.

That is about two years older than the average UK adult.

This means that the majority of people living in the developing world are unable to access the high-end speeds of the high speed broadband networks of the developed world.

But there is still hope that this lack of access will change in the next few years.

With the growing number of internet-connected devices, this is not a question of if but when.

With internet access becoming increasingly ubiquitous and more affordable, it’s important that we understand the role of technology in the lives of the poor.

For example, we can learn from the example of a Kenyan family who found a way to access high-fibre internet in their village by installing a fibre-optic cable between their home and their village.

RTFW is an online resource to assist the global community to better understand the global impacts of broadband access.

More: RTFS is a new online resource that aims to bring the issues of the world’s poor to the attention of the global internet community.

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RTFN is an innovative new app that aims at connecting people to the resources and information they need to navigate the world in a fast and fluid way.

More at: RTE3hour agoHow many of us are really aware of the economic and social impact of broadband?

According to the OECD, there are around 13 billion internet users in the world.

This number is expected to grow to 24 billion by 2021.

This growth is largely driven by the adoption of high bandwidth internet access, which has the potential to deliver economic benefits for the global economy.

But how much of this is due to the cost?

RTRT is an interactive platform that aims both to help the general public understand and quantify the economic impact of high broadband access in developing countries.

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