November 25, 2021

A woman has been charged after stabbing her mother with a kitchen knife after a heated argument at their home in Melbourne’s north.

The 26-year-old was arrested at her home on Thursday after a neighbour called police.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night, when the woman allegedly threw the knife into her mother’s face, the Victorian Police said in a statement.

The woman, who was not named, has been remanded in custody to appear in court on July 25.

She is also facing a charge of wounding a police officer.

Police said the woman, a nurse who was employed at a local hospital, is understood to have a history of mental health issues.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday that police had received numerous complaints about the woman’s behaviour, including at least one incident where she had allegedly threatened to stab her mother.

Police had also been called to the home after a woman reported the incident to a neighbour.

The neighbour called emergency services and the mother was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The nurse was taken into custody after officers attended the house and arrested the woman.

She was taken from the scene by ambulance.

The court heard she was not able to give evidence at her bail hearing on Thursday.

Police will also consider whether she should be charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The woman has yet to be formally charged.

‘I’m afraid’ The woman’s mother, who cannot be named, said she was “shocked” by the incident and that the woman had been a “good mother” who would have taken the woman home and had her over for dinner, but instead she decided to attack her.

The victim said she did not believe the woman was a threat and that she was terrified.

“I’m not a threat, I’m just a mother and I’m afraid,” the woman told ABC Victoria.

“I’ve just got to get through this and then I’m going to move on.”

“She has a history with mental health and I don’t know what she’s been doing for a while,” the mother said.

“She’s been getting into arguments with people in the past and this has nothing to do with anything else.”

The mother said she had been worried for months about the welfare of her daughter.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the case was an example of the need to get mental health services in schools and hospitals “in place”.

“It is outrageous behaviour, but it is happening and we need to do something about it,” he said.

ABC Victoria’s senior correspondent Nicky Campbell reports from Melbourne’s CBD.