November 2, 2021

Here are some ways to help mentally ill people affected by coronaviral diseases, and to help their loved one who is also suffering from the virus.

Mental Health SupportRochester Mental Health Services (RMHS) is a local mental health agency serving the South-West of England, which was established in 2004 to provide free mental health care to the community.

RMHS offers support to the general public through a range of services, including mental health assessment, case management, medication support, crisis intervention, support groups, counselling, and support for people in the community who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of developing COVID-19.

RMH also provides mental health treatment and support to individuals who have experienced trauma or are experiencing severe distress due to COVID infection.

The mental health team at RMHS provides the following services to people in crisis and support their loved and family members:Assessment, Case Management, Medication Support, Support Groups, and Community EventsRochester is a community of approximately 15,000 people, and RMHS has the capability to offer a range or groups of services to the wider community.

It provides 24-hour support to anyone who needs it.

The RMHS website provides the service information, including the appointment hours, how to access the services, and the cost.

There are also RMHS programs and support programs for adults and youth in the North East of England.

Rochester offers a number of community support groups including:The RMHS mental health support team provides a range, including: