October 21, 2021

The pandemic mental illness is spreading like wildfire, and a massive new round of funding is being sought for mental health and substance abuse programmes across Australia.

Mental Health Australia (MHWA) said the funding, which was announced in May, would help improve mental health services across Australia and boost access to treatment.

It said it would support community mental health networks to expand their services, including support for primary care, community mental healthcare and the community health network, which provides support for people with mental health needs.

It would also support research to understand and treat mental health problems.

“The new funding will support community health networks across Australia to increase access to care, to improve care, and to better understand the needs of people with a mental health problem,” said Dr Paul Foy, a senior research fellow at MHWA.

“We believe this will mean more people will have access to effective and affordable services.”

A new round for mental wellbeing funding in the states and territories MHWA announced $5.6 million in mental wellbeing grants to the states of South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales in the past financial year, and $4.2 million in regional mental wellbeing to the Northern Territory, South Australian and Queensland.

“This funding is to help our state and territory partners provide the support they need to deliver high quality services to people who are most vulnerable in the community,” Mr Foy said.

“MHWA is committed to providing safe and healthy care to all Australians, including our most vulnerable people.

We know that more people need to be protected from mental illness and substance use, and this new funding is an important part of our work to do so.”

Mental Health NSW chief executive Heather Parnell said the organisation had invested in mental health programmes in the state since the beginning of the crisis.

“Since the crisis we have invested in programs that have been proven to be effective and are supported by the community, and the State Government’s support for them has also been excellent,” she said.

Ms Parnella said it was important to keep mental health centres open.

“It is a vital element in providing support and support services for people who have suffered trauma and have come to a crisis point in their lives,” she told Al Jazeera.

“In terms of the state of mental health we have done well and we are working to ensure we are continuing to invest in programs and support across the state and we look forward to seeing that continue.”

The state government also announced $10 million in grants to support community and primary care mental health.

In Victoria, the state’s first mental health funding round will be announced next week.

“Victoria has had an enormous response to the crisis, and we know there is a need for mental and mental health support for vulnerable people in Victoria, particularly those who are experiencing family and domestic violence,” Dr Chris Chapman, a spokesperson for the Victorian Government, told Alja.

“Over the past year, Victoria has provided over $400 million to community mental and family health, which supports more than 40,000 people across the Victorian health system.”

Mental health funding in NSW The Victorian Government has also announced it will invest in mental healthcare in the New South Welsh Territory, Queensland and the Northern Rivers states.

“To ensure the health of people who come into our care and our community, we are committed to investing in the delivery of high quality mental health care in all our health facilities across the region,” Dr Chapman said.

The funding will include $10.7 million in the NSW Health Service’s Mental Health Services Fund, which is dedicated to funding mental health research and research into mental health in Australia.

“These are vital and urgently needed investments for people in need of mental and behavioural health services,” Dr Parnello said.

Mental health in the US Mental health is a significant issue for the US, where a record number of people died from mental illnesses in 2016.

According to the CDC, the US has the highest rate of people in crisis of any country on earth, with more than 5.5 million people in its population suffering from mental health issues.

Mental illness in the UK In England, the number of new mental health cases last year was nearly twice as high as the number recorded in the whole of 2016, the Samaritans reported.

It warned that the spike was due to the emergence of the pandemic, the rise in internet-based social media, and “the growing role of online forums and websites in the mental health sphere”.

It said the increased availability of information and information sharing through the internet had increased the risk of stigma and isolation.

The Samaritans said the UK had the highest rates of new diagnoses for mental illness of any nation on earth.

It also pointed to a rise in the number and severity of mental illness, especially of anxiety and depression, in children.