October 20, 2021

Free Mental health center to open in downtown Detroit article Free mental health center is opening in downtown downtown Detroit with free mental healthcare and counseling services.

The Free Mental Housing and Services (FMH) Center in downtown is expected to open its doors this summer and will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, according to the nonprofit Mental Health and Wellness Center.

The facility will serve residents with disabilities, people with developmental disabilities, veterans, and those with serious mental illness, according the center’s website.

Mental Health and Mental Wellness Centers are free, day-care-type programs that provide mental health care to people who have serious mental health issues.

They are located at the end of Grand River Drive and near the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

They also offer services for children and the elderly.

The center was started by the Free Mental Healthcare and Mental Health Services in the 1990s and expanded to include other cities and states.

It serves about 2,200 people, according its website.

The program offers an in-person mental health screening, counseling and support, and supports for adults who need help coping with life’s stresses and fears, according a press release from the center.FMH centers are open to anyone who is in need of mental health services, said Jessica DeSantis, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Human Services.

The city of Detroit announced in April it would add 50 mental health centers to the city’s public health plan, the Detroit News reported.

The move will help provide free, low-cost services to residents of the city, said DeSants.FAM’s goal is to provide 24-hour, crisis-oriented, 24-7 mental health treatment to the entire community, she said.

The center will provide treatment for people who are homeless, drug addicts, those with mental health problems, substance abusers, and others who need a support network, DeSant said.

The new facility will be in the area of the Detroit Red Wings arena.