October 1, 2021

FourFourSeconds ago, we published a list of the best mental health resources available for free download.

The list is based on reader feedback and the recommendations of our experts.

This week, we’re publishing a new list of mental health book recommendations.

Our experts’ suggestions are curated from books that have been recommended by trusted mental health professionals.

Read on to find out what the experts recommend for the best books for people with depression, anxiety, and OCD.1.

Mental Health Books by Dr. Julie Ann Caudill, MD, MD2.

How to Build a Mental Health Trust by Drs.

Jennifer A. McDonough, MD and Melissa J. Stauffer, PhD3.

Mental Illness: The Book by Dr Steven G. Felson, PhD4.

The Anxiety Trap by John A. Riese5.

How Not to Live Without Your Anxiety by Dr David A. Fauci, MD6.

The Art of Mental Health by Daniel H. Stein, MD7.

What Is Anxiety?

by Daniel K. Stein8.

When Your Anxiety Gets in the Way of Your Mental Health and Relationships by James C. Hinkins, PhD9.

How To Be Happy: A Mind-Body Guide for Anxiety by Stephen A. Smith10.

How Anxiety Affects Your Health by Dr Mark A. Zimring11.

The Mind and Body at Work: How Your Mind and the Body Work Together to Improve Your Health from James E. Hines, MD12.

The Science of Depression: Why Depression Is More Common Than You Think by Dr Elizabeth M. Breslow, MD13.

The Good Fight: The Power of Positive Thinking to Heal and Boost Your Mind, Body, and Spirit by Dr Michelle G. Wieczorek, MD14.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Stress by Dr Jody Rosenblatt15.

How You Can Use Depression and Anxiety as Fuel to Transform Your Life and Improve Your Mind from Dr. John A..

Gaffney, MD16.

The Secrets of a Stress-Free Life by Dr Linda E. Trenholm17.

The Mental Health Journey: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Anyone Else in Your Life by David L. Anderson, MD18.

The Joy of Learning by Anne F. Kennedy19.

What’s Going On With You: The Art and Science of Learning and Teaching by Elizabeth E. Koehler, MD20.

Getting Things Done by Mary K. Anderson21.

The Power and Purpose of Meditation by Dr Charles M. Lutgen22.

The Five-Minute Mind by Karen B. Smith23.

Mindful Eating: A Life-Changing Journey by Amy G. Hirsch, MD24.

The New Zen Mind: A New Way to Live by John L. Gildea, MD25.

What Happens When Your Mind Gets Too Busy by Nancy D. Mccormick, MD26.

How Your Body Works by Dr Peter H. Hickey, MD27.

How Our Mind Works by Linda C. Cote, MD28.

The Body’s Mind: The Science Behind Our Brain, Heart, and Mind by Dr Mary Beth L. Stolzenberg29.

What Makes You Happy?

by Jennifer L. Karp, MD30.

The 10-Day Power Plan by Dr Robert D. Schwartz31.

Mindfulness and Happiness by David M. Schwartz, MD32.

How We Can Help You Feel Happy and Healthy by Dr Laura C. Johnson, MD33.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Michael R. Weisberg, MD34.

The 5 Essential Mindfulness Skills by Dr Bruce A. Baskin, MD35.

Mind, Brain, and Practice: How Mindfulness Improves Decision Making, Working Memory, Attention, and Mood by Dr John A .

Gaffneys, MD36.

The Four Mindfulness Stages by Dr Jillian E. Miller, MD37.

The Wisdom of the Mind by Amy C. Rauch, MD38.

How Mindful You Are: The Essential Guide to Mindfulness for Everyday Life by Linda M. Voorhees, MD39.

How Can You Improve Your Social Skills?

by Jillian G. O’Leary, MD40.

The Neuroscience of Loving-Kindness by Dr Scott M. Miller41.

How the Brain Makes Us Happy by Dr Nancy R. Parnas, MD42.

The Benefits of Being Positive by Dr Jennifer C. Lichtman, MD43.

The Great Power of Mindfulness by Dr Brian M. Seltzer, MD44.

The Three Laws of Mind by Robert Dutcher, MD45.

Mind and Brain: The Neuroscience behind Positive Thinking, Stress Reduction, and Health by Elizabeth Breslong, MD46.

The Big Picture by Carol Dweck, MD47.

The Psychology of Happiness by Richard F. Osterholm, MD48.

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