September 25, 2021

Mental health centres are opening in London to help people with mental health issues.

The Mental Health Partnership (MHP) has partnered with London-based mental health organisation Mindful to offer free mental health counselling for people with a mental health issue.

Mental health services in the capital are already available to the public and many of the centres are in residential settings.

The MHP says the free counselling sessions are offered by mental health clinicians, and are free to all who attend. 

They are also free to people who have not been able to attend previous counselling sessions. 

MHP says that there is an increased demand for the services and a significant number of people have come to seek help.

“We have to make sure that we’re providing people with the support they need and also with the opportunity to be heard and have a safe space to get help, said Mental Health Partnership CEO and executive director Dr Amy Suddendorf.”

I think that is really the most important thing we can do to address the mental health crisis in the UK, and to do that we have to have these centres that are accessible and have the support available,” she said.”

It is really important that we get people who are in need of help.

“Ms Suddendof says that many people with complex mental health problems who are homeless and have no other way of accessing mental health services are finding themselves in mental health care facilities.”

Many of these people don’t know what to do.

They have been on the streets and have experienced homelessness and it’s very difficult to access care,” she explained.”

And so when we have these facilities available, the most vulnerable people who need it the most, it’s the most accessible.” 

Mindful says that the centre’s team of psychiatrists and psychologists will be in charge of providing support to the clients and staff. 

Mhph is part of the MHPs mental health partnership. “

We believe that we can work together to help reduce the number of mental health patients being seen by our services, and provide more opportunities for people to access mental health support,” Ms Suddende said. 

Mhph is part of the MHPs mental health partnership. 

In a statement, Mindful said it was looking forward to working with other mental health providers to help build a new and healthier future for people. 

This story has been updated to clarify that Mental Health Partners will be offering free mental healthcare counselling to people with an issue.