September 29, 2021

A man who filmed themselves raping a woman in the Brisbane suburb of Westfield has died at a hospital.

Key points:Police are investigating a video showing a man attacking the woman’s mother and fatherPolice say they have received numerous complaints about the videoThe man who posted the video to Facebook died at the age of 23The man’s mother was not injured in the attack and has been discharged, police said.

The woman’s father was not hurt.

The video, which was posted on Facebook on Wednesday, showed a man attack his mother and his father in a nearby park.

“I was at work in the park with my wife when this happened,” the man said.

“The man attacked my mother and my father, who is a very old man.”

“I’m so lucky to be alive, he was so violent.”

Police say the video shows the man approaching the woman and her mother, who were walking in a park in Westfield.

“A man in a red hoodie came out of a bush and attacked the woman in front of her mother and her father,” Queensland Police Inspector John Figg said.

A woman was attacked by a man in Westfields in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Police have received multiple complaints about a video that appears to show a man assault a woman and his mother.

Detective Inspector John Farrell said the video appeared to be filmed by someone who knew the woman involved.

“We have received dozens of complaints and many of them relate to the woman who was assaulted,” he said.”[There are] also many comments from people who live in the area who are concerned for their safety.”

“They are obviously very distressed, but we are also aware of the man’s family, who are also concerned about their safety and well-being.”

If you’re out walking and see anything suspicious, contact police.

“Detective Sergeant David Hill from the Queensland Police Homicide Squad said police were investigating the incident.”

They [the man] was apprehended and taken into custody,” he told the ABC.”

He was arrested for serious offences.

“The man appeared to have filmed the attack with a mobile phone, but Detective Sergeant Hill said there were no witnesses.”

There is no CCTV in the community, there is no video recording, and so this video cannot be used in court,” he added.”

It’s just the information that we’ve got at this stage.

“The woman was not seriously injured.