September 28, 2021

The Mental Health Care Quality and Access Commission (MHQAC) has announced it has found mental health practitioners to be a “competent, effective and timely service provider”, with the industry in the midst of a “transformative period of change”.

The MHCPC is a non-profit organisation established in 1991 that provides services to people living with mental illness and is recognised as one of Australia’s most significant providers of services for people with mental health problems.”MHCPC provides a continuum of services across all levels of care, from the basics such as medication management to higher-quality care including cognitive behaviour therapy and medication-assisted therapy,” the MHCCC said in a statement.

“The MHBAC has a national mandate to ensure mental health care is accessible to all Australians.”

What you need to know about mental health:MHQCC CEO, Professor Richard Atherton said the commission’s report found mental healthcare professionals to be “a qualified, effective, timely service supplier in the mental health and wellbeing sector”.

“In particular, the MHBCC has recognised the significant improvements that are being made in the provision of mental health services across the health system, particularly to those with mental illnesses,” he said.

The MHCA, which is the mental healthcare provider of the state, was a “top performer” in the MHQAC’s evaluation of mental healthcare providers.

“In addition, we found that mental health providers have demonstrated the ability to provide effective, compassionate and timely care,” the statement said.

“We believe that the MHCC has the expertise to help identify the best providers of mental care in the sector, particularly at the state and territory level.”

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