September 27, 2021

A former Waccampoor mental hospital mental health and social worker has been convicted of “sexual abuse” and sentenced to three years in jail.

Samuel Dzogonov, 59, a former mental health officer at Waccampsoor, admitted to having sexual relations with the women who worked there.

He was sentenced to two years in prison, according to the Waccamsoor Facebook page.

Dzogons wife, Dzia, told the court that she and her husband had been in the same room as the women.

Dzoga and his wife had been involved in the sexual relationship, Dziogonova told the judge, but she never told anyone.

According to Dzogs court, the former mental hospital official “engaged in sexual intercourse with several women” while he was at work.

The women, the judge said, “appeared to be sexually aroused by him.”

In addition, Dzeogonovo “was in a relationship with another person who was working at Wacampoor.”

Dzogo, a married father of three, was a member of the Wacampsoor community, where he was involved in “community service, mentoring and counselling” for the mentally ill.

He is a member and former board member of St. George’s Mental Health and a board member at the Wabacamoor Youth Centre.

In a Facebook post, Dzyogonovi said his actions were “the result of personal issues that were brought upon me by my own failings, in that I was too young to remember what had happened to me.”

The judge also noted that Dzogo was not a member or board member for WaccAMPoor.

Dziogov’s wife said in court that the allegations were “a sad and regrettable situation that had taken place at WACCAMoor and that the community has suffered greatly.”

The court also heard that Dzioga had “been convicted of a serious crime” by the State of Connecticut and was sentenced in October 2017 to three and a half years in state prison.

The judge also ordered Dzoganov to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Dzeogo and Dzoglons wife said they had no prior contact with Dzognovo.

He has not been charged in connection with the crimes.