August 18, 2021

Why don´t we play them?

Because they have a huge amount of stigma attached to them, and the games have a very limited number of features.

There are no achievements, no friends list, and it doesn´t provide a great sense of community or shared purpose.

We wanted to make a game where players feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, without worrying about whether it is actually a good game or not.

As a result, we created this new mental health puzzle game.

This is a mental health game that will allow you to experience your own experiences, not only as a mental illness sufferer, but also as a person with depression.

Our first game, Mental Health Puzzle, is free and open source software, so you can play it on your own.

We hope that the game will inspire other developers to make games that are as welcoming to mental health sufferers as they are to others.

We also want to make Mental Health Problem Solver available for free, as well as to encourage developers to create other games that can help people.

What you can do to help?

Mental Health Problems in the media can be overwhelming, and often, we don´T understand why people with mental health problems feel so alone.

You can help by sharing our story and supporting our project, by sharing your thoughts, emotions, and ideas about mental health issues in the news, or by sharing the stories of others who have experienced mental health difficulties.

We are asking you to share your stories, emotions and ideas.

We want you to take action!

Help us raise funds for Mental Health Solutions.

The money we raise will help us develop the game and pay for the game’s development costs, which will help to pay for our travel expenses, our development costs and a number of other things.

It will also pay for a number in-game items, including an extra game character.

In the end, we hope to bring a mental wellness game to the world, and help people to better understand and relate to the mental health struggles that they face.

We have a great team of developers and game designers who are dedicated to creating a positive, fun, accessible, and rewarding experience for everyone, and we are eager to share our story.

We look forward to hearing from you about our mental health challenge, and hope to hear your thoughts and feedback.