August 12, 2021

In April, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that requires all adults with mental health issues to receive treatment.

As a result, many patients are choosing to skip inpatient treatment, and are opting for inpatient mental healthcare instead. 

In June, a Florida woman was charged with misdemeanor cruelty after she reportedly threw a pot of water at her husband’s head after he said he was going to stop eating. 

A Texas man, a retired electrician, was arrested after a family member allegedly threw a chair at him, saying he had a seizure. 

And in November, the New York Times reported that at least six children in Connecticut were placed in foster care after they reportedly witnessed a man with mental issues violently beating his wife. 

As the Huffington Post points out, in July, the American Psychiatric Association called for a moratorium on mental health care for people with mental disorders, claiming that “it is the right of everyone to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their diagnosis or treatment.”