August 18, 2021

The Washington Monument, where the body of a homeless man lay next to the Washington Monument on Monday night, has become a focal point for the community’s ongoing protests and mourning of the death.

The crowd, which began gathering at the monument on Monday evening, turned out to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to express solidarity with the homeless man, who was shot and killed in the area Monday evening.

The protests were met with cheers and applause from the crowd, as demonstrators chanted and held signs, some of which read, “This is not our war.”

In a statement, the Trump administration said that the homeless person was an “unlawful alien,” and called on “the authorities in Washington D.C.” to take appropriate action.

It also urged the protesters to stay off the street until the city “has completed its investigation.”

Earlier in the day, a group of protesters at the Monument also held signs reading, “Don’t let him die, take him home.”

A woman, who identified herself as a member of the homeless outreach agency, said that she had been standing near the monument when she heard gunshots, and that people were yelling at her to go home.

“People are not going to give up their lives,” the woman said.

“We’re not going away.

We’re not stopping.

We are going to stay here and continue to protest.

It’s not over.”

“This isn’t over.

We still have work to do,” she said.

The woman said she had never been to the Monument before, and said that protesters were there “to demonstrate” and to call for more action from the administration.

“They’re not here for the money,” the homeless woman said of the protesters.

“But they’re here for their rights.”

A video posted to social media by one of the organizers of the protest, Erica Cisneros, shows a young man being held by police after the shooting.

“You killed my man,” the young man is heard yelling as police move in to arrest him.

A woman who identified as a friend of the young woman, said in the video that the young men’s story is similar to that of a woman who was arrested for protesting in New York in December.

“The young man had a gun.

They said he was holding a gun to her head.

I know that young man,” she told The Washington Free Beacon in an interview Monday evening after she was released from the hospital.

“I’m not sure if they got that right.

I’m not even sure if he had a permit to carry the gun.”

Cisnero said she was not allowed to speak to the young person, but that the police told her he was “an illegal alien” and that he “had to be put down.”

“They told me to go back to where he came from,” Cisnerob said.

“[He] was a man of color and he had no criminal history.”

A day earlier, a woman from the United States who identified himself as “Lola” shared a video of herself and other activists being led out of the Monument by police.

“Lil’ Lil’ Lil” is heard saying in the background of the video.

“He’s been killed,” she can be heard saying.

“His family is not coming.

We need to get him home now.

Lil’ Lola, you’re going to die in jail.”

The video shows protesters, some holding signs that read, “#NotYourHero,” and “Stop killing the homeless.”

“I think they killed my hero,” Lil’ Cisnerosi said of her friend.

“And they took away my right to express myself, my anger.”

Cinelos is a longtime advocate for the homeless community and a veteran of the Veterans Administration, according to her Facebook page.

She also worked as a legal intern at the Department of Housing and Urban Development for two years.

“If the government wants to get rid of me,” she wrote on Facebook, “they have no right to do that.

I am an attorney, and I am willing to defend myself against the government.”

Ciolos has said that police have been arresting homeless people and arresting people for trespassing.

“At one point, I was arrested at gunpoint on Pennsylvania Avenue for being homeless,” Ciolosi said.

She said she received $1,600 in taxpayer dollars from HUD for her legal work and the money was used for legal fees and for her travel.

She told The Free Beacon that she was allowed to leave the Capitol grounds Monday evening for a private meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee is scheduled to meet Monday afternoon to hear testimony on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee report, which is expected to be released later this week.

“There is a lot of people out here on the street.

We have to do something,” Cinelosi said, “and the homeless are not