August 27, 2021

I have to say, it’s really, really sad, that this administration is doing so much damage to mental health.

It’s a huge mistake.

They’re putting a lot of money into mental health, but it’s not doing anything for the actual illness.

The real issue is how we treat the mentally ill.

Mental health professionals need to be able to take seriously the threats to our communities.

It doesn’t matter how much money they have to spend, how many people they hire, how much their president makes.

It matters that we take care of the mentally distressed.

The administration is wasting a lot more than money and lives in the White House.

The mentally ill are not just going to be victims of Trump.

They are going to become the next victims of this administration.

They deserve to be treated as such.

The Trump administration is making mental health treatment more difficult than ever before.

It is making it harder to care for those who need help.

And it is making our communities less safe.

The president’s first order on mental health is a step in the wrong direction.

The American people deserve to know what’s in their president’s mental health care plan and what their options are.

As I have said, we have a lot to be proud of in the country.

We have a president who is very concerned about the mentally disturbed.

I hope the president will continue to show a real commitment to that.

The second order on immigration is a very disappointing one.

I think it will hurt the country more than anything.

It will make it harder for people who are already in the United States to find work.

And that’s why the president has ordered a review of the legal status of those who have been here for years and are now living in the U.S. illegally.

Those people will be given a chance to apply for legal status.

And I hope that that review will help them to come back.

That will make our country safer and will make America a safer place to live.

The third order on the federal debt is a mistake.

It goes way beyond the president’s campaign promises.

It threatens the nation’s security.

It increases the debt of the United Kingdom, the countries that are contributing to it.

It raises the cost of everything we do, including the debt that we’re borrowing to pay for our military and our defense.

We are spending more money than we’re taking in, and that is unacceptable.

We need to get the deficit down.

And we need to stop the trillion dollar deficit and that includes spending money to help the people who need it.

The fourth order on health care is a real mistake.

The way that the president is handling this is not the way that we want to deal with this.

We’re not going to pay bills we cannot afford, and we’re not putting more money into health care than we have already.

We’ve spent a lot on health and the president should not be spending more on health.

I’m disappointed in the first order, but I hope he will reverse it, as he did the previous ones.

The fifth order is also a mistake, but this one has a very big impact on health insurance and the American economy.

The first order is a big step backward.

This is an administration that thinks that people are going away and that we will be a much healthier country once they are gone.

The people who will suffer are the people we need the most help to care about.

And the people that need help are those who are the least able to pay.

We can’t do this without those who pay for it.

This order does more to drive down the price of health insurance.

It puts even more money in the pockets of the people with pre-existing conditions.

It does nothing to help people with preexisting conditions.

That’s why I am so frustrated with the second order.

The seventh order on guns is a disaster.

We were the first country in the world to ban handguns and it has been a success.

It has saved lives and saved families.

But this president has doubled down on the failed policies of the Obama administration and doubled down with a second order that is the opposite of the first.

We cannot allow this president to double down on his failed policies.

We must reject this president’s dangerous agenda and we will not tolerate it.

But I hope we can still do this.

The eighth order is very disappointing.

It essentially eliminates federal funding for mental health programs.

That is a major mistake.

I support the Second Amendment, but the president cannot use his position to defund mental health and substance abuse programs.

These programs will be there to help families.

I am concerned about our communities’ safety.

I want to keep families together.

And this president is putting our communities at risk by putting a gun in their hands.

We will not allow this to happen.

The ninth order is an important one.

It makes the government safer.

The federal government has a responsibility to protect the health and safety of the American people.

The executive order says that the Department of Homeland Security will take steps