August 21, 2021

A psychiatrist has resigned in response to what he says are the league’s mental illness problems, the league announced Tuesday.

Dr. Robert C. Lopata of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medicine, a board member of the American Psychiatric Association and a former chair of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, announced he would step down at the end of the season.

Lopata has been a member of NAMI since 2009 and has written several articles on the topic of mental health.

He is a former president of the Association for American Psychiatrists and the author of several books.

In a statement, Lopato said he decided to step down because of what he said were his concerns over the NHL’s treatment of players.

“I’m saddened by the NHL concussion issue, which has become so polarizing and so divisive in recent years,” he said in a statement.

“NAMI has had no choice in the matter, and I cannot continue to serve as an advocate for the NHL.”

Lopato resigned last month and said the league was trying to “cover its ass” with a number of initiatives to address its mental health problems.

He said he was encouraged by some of the initiatives, including the introduction of a concussion prevention program and the implementation of a mental health training program.

“But I do not believe there are any effective, cost-effective ways to address the many, many chronic issues facing the league and its players, including mental health, depression and substance abuse,” he wrote.

“My resignation was a direct response to a number, many of which I felt were inconsistent with the organization’s stated values.”

Lipinski has a history of controversial comments and controversial statements.

Lopyata said that Lopinsky was “deeply concerned” about a series of tweets in late March that referenced the Confederate flag.

The tweets said that the “Sons of Confederate Veterans” had “sold out” to the Confederate cause and that a person in charge of the Confederate battle flag at the Washington National Airport should be “shot for treason.”

The tweet prompted a boycott of the Washington Nationals and other pro sports teams and a call for the resignation of Lopats.

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