August 23, 2021

A group of mental health advocates and parents in southern Manitoba say they want the province to consider introducing a provincial-level mental health bracelet.

The Manitoba Coalition Against Domestic Violence said Monday the state should consider a mental health policy that includes both child and adult protection, but also mental health and substance abuse prevention.

“We want to see that we have a comprehensive mental health strategy and we want to get that right,” said Marissa Eichler, a mental healthcare advocate who lives in north Winnipeg.

“In the province, there’s no mental health policies.”

The Manitoba Mental Health Association said it has worked with the province on mental health guidelines for years.

The organization is calling on the province “to ensure that a comprehensive, state-wide mental health framework is in place to address child and family issues and supports as well as the needs of adults with mental health needs.”

The group also wants to see the Manitoba Association of Child and Family Advocates work with the Manitoba Mental Service Commission to create a policy that would include both child protection and substance use prevention.

The MHA is calling for the provincial government to establish a mental wellness strategy that includes child protection, substance use and mental health support.

The MCHA says a mental wellbeing strategy should also include mental health.