August 11, 2021

A new mental health website for Penndels residents.

The Penndell Mental Health (PMH) grant aims to provide mental health services and support to those with mental health issues.

It aims to support people who are vulnerable and struggling with mental illness and support those who have struggled with mental illnesses for the last 12 months.PMH has a goal to serve at least 1,000 residents in Penndells community by the end of the year. 

The PenNDEL Mental Health website aims to help people identify and seek help for mental health problems.

You can also access information on the Penndelle Mental Health project and help people to find support. 

What is Penndella Mental Health?

Penndell is the fourth largest city in Queensland, with a population of nearly 13,000 people. 

Penndella is home to some of the countrys largest and most affluent suburbs. 

Its population has been growing rapidly, with population growth topping 8,000 per year in the last decade.

Penndells most notable development has been in the past two decades. 

In 2015, Penndela ranked second on the Queensland Government’s National Health Rankings, behind only Brisbane. 

Over the last five years, Penundell has experienced significant growth, which is largely the result of increased investment in the Penundella region.

Penndellen is home also to Penndelez National Park, which offers visitors a unique and diverse experience. 

Pentridge is the second-most populous metropolitan area in Penundells, with 1,066 people per square kilometre, a number that is only surpassed by Penndelin in the state. 

Key facts Penndelli population: 1,531,742 Penndelo area: 1.2 million Penndlethans population: 2.2 people per sq km, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in Queensland Penndelfel Area: 1 million Pennehl Area: 9,829 people persqkm, the second most populous metro area in Queensland