August 1, 2021

A dad who left his home in Melbourne’s north-east for hospital for treatment of an addiction to cannabis has told News24 he has been “furious” at his brother who “beaten him to death”.

Melbourne’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Detective Superintendent Paul Hegarty, said the man’s brother had left his house on Wednesday night to go to a house in North Yarra, near Melbourne’s CBD.

The man had called his father on the phone, who called police and reported he was in danger.

“It’s an extreme situation,” Detective Superintendent Hegarty said.

Detective Superintendent Hegmarty said the family had been at his son’s bedside for about 30 minutes when he said he could hear him “banging on the door”.

“The [man’s] brother then left his bedside and walked up to his brother and started to bang on his door and then knocked,” Detective Sergeant Hegmarty told the ABC.

“It was very intense and violent and there was no reason for the brother to do that.”

Detective Sergeant Hegamarty said it was “absolutely disgusting” for his son to have been attacked by a stranger.

“There is a very high level of mental health concern about this situation, and obviously for our family we were very concerned,” he said.

“But at the same time I think we are very confident that the family has done the right thing.”

Det Sgt Hegasty said the brother who was arrested had been given an 18-month conditional discharge from hospital, and his family would wait to see what charges the man faces before deciding whether to seek a criminal conviction.

“He has not committed any criminal offence, he has not had any previous contact with the police, so we will wait and see what the outcome of that is,” Detective Sgt Hegmarthy said in a statement.

Det Sgt Shegarty said there was “no evidence” of the man being in possession of any cannabis, but he would not be drawn on whether the man had previously used it in his home.

“This is a terrible, terrible incident and our thoughts are with the family,” he added.

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The family have had a number of concerns raised and will continue to monitor this matter closely.”

Topics:drug-offences,crime,crime-prevention,police,community-and-society,police-sieges,melbourne-3000,vic,vicnews24,australiaMore stories from Victoria