July 9, 2021

People with mental health issues are often left out of discussions about mental health.

As part of this lack of understanding, they may be unable to get the help they need.

Mental health worksheet article The Mental Health Worksheet (MHW) is a free online resource which helps people understand mental health, including symptoms, treatment options, treatment history and coping strategies.

The MHW was developed to assist people with mental illnesses, including those with depression and anxiety, identify, manage and control their symptoms.

It also provides advice and supports on coping with a range of problems, including self-harm, eating disorders and eating disorders that are often linked to mental health conditions.

How do I download and use the MHW?

The MHH is available for free from the NHS website.

To download and print the MHH, click on the MH icon.

How to use the Mental Health worksheet How to access the MH workbook You will need to download the MHWorkbook, a free PDF document that you can print and keep for your personal use.

You can also access the document online, and print it for yourself.

It is available from the Mental health service on the NHS’s website.

What is a mental illness?

Mental health is defined as “a condition or state of being characterized by symptoms or behavior that are distressing, threatening, unpleasant, or unpleasant or of a serious nature that causes distress, anxiety or depression, or that can lead to suicide”.

It includes any or all of the following: a mood disorder, such as major depression or anxiety