July 19, 2021

Mental health care is a vital service for many of Australia’s most vulnerable Australians, but not everyone can access it.

The lack of specialist services for those with mental health issues is a major barrier to accessing quality services for many.

Mental health providers and practitioners have been identified as a major obstacle to accessing the best care, writes the author of the article.

Mental Health Services: A Comparison of Treatment Options article It is important to recognise the significant impact that mental health and substance use disorders have on many Australians and that they can cause serious distress and disability.

In addition to the direct impact on individuals and families, there is also the negative impact on the community and on the economy.

The National Mental Health Strategy states that it is essential that we develop a holistic approach to mental health that respects and protects all Australians.

This will include all stakeholders, including health and social service providers, health care professionals, patients, and the wider community.

It is crucial that all Australian stakeholders are engaged in the process to create the right services and strategies to meet the needs of the community, and to make Australia a model for other nations and regions.

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