July 23, 2021

Mental health issues have become a focal point for many in Boston, and they’ve become a prominent issue for some in New York.

The NBA announced Tuesday it would present a mental health resource ribbon to all 32 teams.

The league has not made a decision on whether to make the ribbon a permanent fixture, but it has made the announcement after a number of organizations expressed their support for the idea.

A group of players and coaches, led by former NBA player, Ben Wallace, met with the league last week, and the league is considering including the ribbon as part of the 2016-17 All-Star festivities.

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that the league will make the decision on the ribbon sometime in January, and that the ribbon will be presented at the 2016 All-Stars Game.

It is not clear whether the team wearing the ribbon is participating.

Boston has not had a mental illness epidemic in decades, and it’s rare to see players and staff struggling with mental health issues.

The Celtics are not in the top 10 in mental health in the league, but they are the most likely team to experience a player struggling with depression.

Last week, the NBA announced a new rule requiring teams to use mental health resources to evaluate players.

The league also made a number public announcements on the issue, including a statement from the league office on mental health.