July 12, 2021

Mental health expert and mental health adviser Catherine Coe has warned that Australia is facing a crisis in mental health care.

Ms Coe is the founder of the National Mental Health Association and was recently appointed as the chair of the Mental Health Commission of Australia.

“We need a new paradigm in mental illness, and we need a paradigm where mental health is a priority,” Ms Coe said.

“And that is a paradigm that I think has emerged in the United States, where a lot of us are talking about.”

Ms Coerde has worked extensively with mental health services in Australia and is currently researching a book on the role of mental health providers in mental disorder.

“I’m seeing a lot more evidence in the US that a lot people with mental illness are being treated in isolation,” she said.

Ms Stoddart said mental health professionals in Australia were being treated like a “pink elephant”.

“I think it’s been a bit of a failure of communication and a bit too quick of a response,” she told ABC Radio.

“A lot of these people that we’re seeing are in an environment where they’re not getting the support they need.”

They’re not being treated as if they’re mentally ill.

“Ms Stoodard said the system in Australia was so dysfunctional that many mental health experts felt their services were not meeting the needs of the communities they worked in.”

In the United Kingdom we’re not talking about a situation where we’re just looking for a psychiatrist to go in and say: ‘This is a person who needs help’.

“In Australia we’ve got to deal with the issue of mental illness that’s very much systemic,” she added.

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