July 12, 2021

Posted February 09, 2018 09:37:54 The Mental Health Care Center (WACC) at Oakland Community Health Center (ACHC) is now open.

The center offers a variety of services to individuals and families with mental illness.

In addition to its mental health resources, the WACC is also a center for educational, community, and community-based services to address social, economic, and cultural issues in the Oakland community.

In 2017, the center expanded its mental wellness program and is now offering specialized counseling, behavioral health services, and case management to individuals with mental health issues.

For more information, call (510) 644-2107 or visit the Waccampalooza website.

WACC mental health assistance: Free counseling, case management, and support 24/7 24/5-7 appointment at the WacomAW mental health support center: Free crisis intervention, evaluation, and referral 24/6-7 hour crisis intervention and referral: Free case management 24/8-8 hour case management: 24-hour crisis intervention 24/9-11 hour crisis assistance: 24/10-11 hours crisis assistance and referral at ACHC: 24 hours crisis intervention: 24 hour case evaluation and referral