June 19, 2021

Mental health is a major issue in the UK, but for a very different reason than it was a few years ago.

More and more people are struggling to cope with the mental health crisis and for a good part of the NHS, that’s because the care system is in crisis.

And that’s why the NHS is now looking to the private sector to help it deal with the problems of care and treatment.

The Mental Health Act 2015 was passed by Parliament in December and is now heading to the Lords.

It will provide funding to create a national mental health strategy.

As part of this, the government is also looking to encourage private sector involvement in the NHS.

But it’s not just the NHS that will be taking a look at private health companies’ expertise.

There’s also a push by the government to get the NHS back on track, with a series of reforms including funding to allow the mental sector to make a bigger impact on mental health provision and care.

So, as the mental care sector grows, how can the government ensure the NHS stays up to date with that progress?

This article originally appeared on the BBC News website