June 16, 2021

A group of mental health professionals are urging people to seek help for their mental health after a woman from California was hospitalized and killed in April, authorities said.

The woman, whose name has not been released, died of a suspected suicide after being hospitalized for three days, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Monday.

Sheriff’s Capt. Ron Gallegos said in a statement that the woman had a history of mental illness, but did not elaborate on what that history was.

Gallegos also said the incident is being investigated as a homicide.

Deputies said she was a former student at the California State University at Fullerton.

Authorities had not disclosed the identity of the woman’s former boyfriend.

He was not at the hospital when the woman was taken.

A suicide note written in her own hand was found near the scene of the incident, police said.

Galambos said the woman did not have a known history of violence.

He did not provide further details.

The sheriff’s department also announced that the department had received numerous calls for assistance from people who were concerned about a mental health crisis.

It was not immediately clear if the woman knew anyone who may have been in contact with her, Gallego said.

The department is working with mental health providers to find the person who is responsible.